Wednesday, October 26, 2005

While I'm gone...

Make yourself useful when you check in and forget that I'm not going to have a new post up b/c I'm not in the country, and pray...

Oaxaca Prayer Calender.

10.27 - For any last minute “bumps” that may be coming our way—especially those from the Enemy
10.28 - For spiritual and physical protection as we finalize our preparations
10.29 - For final preparations and packing
10.30 - For safe travels to Mexico…and perhaps a good night’s sleep on the plane (I can't sleep on planes and the flight is at 2 am)
10.31 - This day marks the beginning of the Mexican celebration of Day of the Dead. Please Pray for our spiritual protection over the next two days
11.01 - Please pray for all the people who are participating in the rituals of Day of the Dead—that they would see the One True God and turn away from the darkness that is surrounding them
11.02 - For the Children at the Orphanage, that they would know the Lord and believe Him for His promises
11.03 - For the staff at FFHM (Foundation for His Ministry), that they would feel rejuvenated and prepared for the upcoming conference they are going to host
11.04 - For Safe travels back to the States
11.05 - For rest and “re-entry” into our lives state-side

If you could keep each of the members of the team in your prayers each day, I know that we would all be so appreciative…
Joe Brandon Scott Rob Scott Larry Audra Amy Laura Sarah Kate Natalie

Monday, October 24, 2005

In the event...

that I do get married and have a bachelorette party...I beg those of you who may participate in the festivities, as my final wish as a single person...please please not include 'the list' as part of the evenings activities. I hate 'the list'...i hate 'the list' when i'm at other people's parties...i hate 'the list' when i'm out and see bachelorette parties performing tasks on 'the list'...if i ever bump into the person who started the whole concept of 'the list' the will get an ear full.. Why must, on the last night to go out and just enjoy a final night of fun and freedom with one's girlfriends, do girls resort so low to have them perform such ridiculous tasks? Why can't we all just go out and sing to 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' without having to get our picture taken with someone with the same name as our fiance? Or collect business cards from random guys? I would much rather just spend quality time with the girls that mean the most, realizing that although we don't want things to change with them, we all know that they will. It may mean catching up to some girls that have been in the next chapter for a while, and leaving behind some girls that have been such a support in that chapter we call singleness...Do we really need to use a 'list'??? Am I alone in this thought?

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Here he is boys and girls...

The man behind the curtain...the one that has been keeping me pre-occupied and away from's all his fault...with a face like that, how can you blame me?