Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Calm Before the Storm?

Well here we are...I decided I would sneak at least one more blog in before August 26th. I know I have been MIA the last 6 months (only 6 posts). Since I was pretty surprised by the engagement, I don't think I had any idea how my life would change so quickly overnight. With work being quite busy, evenings have been filled with planning, printing, folding, stuffing, ordering, calling and so on. As the days dwindle always, my stress level is pretty good. I am just excited for things to get here. I am excited for friends to show up, to see how everything is going to look once it has all been pulled together, and to finally go to Belize. A few things I've been particularly savoring from my singleness the last few weeks...

1) Writing Homrich, although I'm not necessarily sad to be losing my last name, it seems strange that I will no longer sign 'Homrich' or perhaps be called 'Homrich' as I am often referred to by friends.
2) Staying up really late on work nights...Mr. Mitchell is a bit of an early bird during the week b/c he goes into the office early...where as I go into the office later, and enjoy staying up. So the past few weeks I've made sure to stay up exceptionally late. With the layout of our Condo...staying up late may be hindered in a few weeks.
3) Watching Oprah late at night.
4) Hogging the Bed...laying vertical, diagonally, and spreading out as much as possible.
5) Using all the covers for myself

That being said, I am really really excited to be married. I know that we will still want to kill each other some days...and some day he'll be the last person I probably will ever want to see laying next to the end I can't imagine anyone else. What a year!

Quite a difference from last year...Or 2 years ago today when the title of my post was "Why I will be Single for Ever"