Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Goodbye 2005...

It started with 3 months in a new job and three months in New Jersey...and it ends with a new condo and a some guy hanging around quite a lot...

Another year of firsts...
First time Home Owner
First time at a boyfriends ex-girlfriends wedding
First Bulls Game
First Big 10 football game
First time leading a small group
First major job change
First attorney
First missions trip
First flea bites
First time eating Grass Hoppers
First boyfriend SVT approved of
First time in Chicago for the 4th
First Red Eye Flight
First supervisor position
Furthest away from home - Oaxaca, Mexico
First time to Texas
First time to Iowa
First time to Maryland
First time to New Jersey
First time drinking Oaxacan Coffee (best coffee ever)

Best Trip of 2005 - Missions trip to Oaxaca, Mexico

Best Purchase of 2005 - My Condo

Best Concert of 2005 - Brooks and Dunn/Big and Rich

Best Movie of 2005 - Harry Potter

Favorite TV Show of 2005 - Amazing Race

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Christmas Tour 2005 - Greetings from Ludington

John and I have left the comfort of Chicago and our crazy jobs to spend a week trampsing around the midwest visiting friends and family. It started out Saturday morning heading to Toledo...(yes 'Holy Toledo, go ahead and say it everyone else does) to meet all of 'the fellas' for the annual Christmas party. It was great to finally meet these guys that John talks so much about...after being drilled by one of them in a most interesting fashion, winning a Napoleon Dynamite pen, and very little sleep, we headed north to Ludington, MI where John's parents live (stopping on the way to meet TJ, John's brother for linner). In Hallmark commercial fashion, we showed up at the Church where John's mom was performing with her bell choir on Sunday night around 7:45 just to see the last 2 numbers. And it is here, where we have been hiding out for the past 2 days. It has been most relaxing and enjoyable. I joined in for the bell choir practice tonight (bit rusty after almost 8 years), met the 15 year old gold fish, saw for the first time black squirrels, and have received doggy eye daggers from Bud the dog...he's jealous what can I say. So that's where I have been and where I will remain until Thursday when we head back to the city to pick up some Christmas gifts before heading back to Dad and Momrich's.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Clean Freak

I went to my first Bulls game last week...and although it was a ton of fun...I found that one of my favorite parts was when the guy came out with the Swiffer and cleaned the floors during the cool is that?? How do you get that job?? Swiffing the Bulls floor. Sweat! Then I started to think that I may have an obsession....not just with the Swiffer, as most of you know I do hit me that one of my highlights of Baseball games is when the ump steps up and sweeps off the plate with his little pocket was that point that I realized I may have an illness.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

2 Masters At Work...

That a way to use your heads boys...

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Well...maybe it's time...

To share a decent picture...since for those of you who haven't met him have been wondering what he really looks like after the last picture I you go...don''t make me regret it...

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I'm Home!

Thank you everyone for your words of encouragement, prayers, as well as welcome backs as I have returned to the States. It made me feel very loved and protected while I was gone! My time in Oaxaca was unforgettable. Partially because of the amazing experience I had when I was there and the things that the Lord taught me and partially because my legs are still itching because of the bug bites (well at least I think they are bug bites...the jury is still out). It has been interesting adjusting to being back. I went from sleeping on a concrete floor in a poor village to an extravagant wedding all with in the same week. That really makes you think. I also wish I would have learned a little spanish before going there. Even though it's amazing how much you can communicate without words, it was frustrating not being able to speak, that and I also said "Hey look at Scott's Bathroom" when I meant his baby...luckily that was with in our group. I will try to post more details later but I know some of you have been waiting for some pics and to know that I was alive so there you go. Here are a few of my favorite pics along with the link to the yahoo album.

This is just a picture on the way up the mountain, it came out pretty good considering we were in the van and the windows were tinted.

This one is one of my favorites, it's of some of the kids in the village we spent 2 days in. It was the first time they had seen their picture on a digital camera. They were all very excited and probably one of my favorite moments of the trip.

Ahh, Mexico, the gift that keeps on giving...a portion of my slight infestation...

More pictures can be found here...

  • Oaxaca Pictures
  • Wednesday, October 26, 2005

    While I'm gone...

    Make yourself useful when you check in and forget that I'm not going to have a new post up b/c I'm not in the country, and pray...

    Oaxaca Prayer Calender.

    10.27 - For any last minute “bumps” that may be coming our way—especially those from the Enemy
    10.28 - For spiritual and physical protection as we finalize our preparations
    10.29 - For final preparations and packing
    10.30 - For safe travels to Mexico…and perhaps a good night’s sleep on the plane (I can't sleep on planes and the flight is at 2 am)
    10.31 - This day marks the beginning of the Mexican celebration of Day of the Dead. Please Pray for our spiritual protection over the next two days
    11.01 - Please pray for all the people who are participating in the rituals of Day of the Dead—that they would see the One True God and turn away from the darkness that is surrounding them
    11.02 - For the Children at the Orphanage, that they would know the Lord and believe Him for His promises
    11.03 - For the staff at FFHM (Foundation for His Ministry), that they would feel rejuvenated and prepared for the upcoming conference they are going to host
    11.04 - For Safe travels back to the States
    11.05 - For rest and “re-entry” into our lives state-side

    If you could keep each of the members of the team in your prayers each day, I know that we would all be so appreciative…
    Joe Brandon Scott Rob Scott Larry Audra Amy Laura Sarah Kate Natalie

    Monday, October 24, 2005

    In the event...

    that I do get married and have a bachelorette party...I beg those of you who may participate in the festivities, as my final wish as a single person...please please not include 'the list' as part of the evenings activities. I hate 'the list'...i hate 'the list' when i'm at other people's parties...i hate 'the list' when i'm out and see bachelorette parties performing tasks on 'the list'...if i ever bump into the person who started the whole concept of 'the list' the will get an ear full.. Why must, on the last night to go out and just enjoy a final night of fun and freedom with one's girlfriends, do girls resort so low to have them perform such ridiculous tasks? Why can't we all just go out and sing to 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' without having to get our picture taken with someone with the same name as our fiance? Or collect business cards from random guys? I would much rather just spend quality time with the girls that mean the most, realizing that although we don't want things to change with them, we all know that they will. It may mean catching up to some girls that have been in the next chapter for a while, and leaving behind some girls that have been such a support in that chapter we call singleness...Do we really need to use a 'list'??? Am I alone in this thought?

    Sunday, October 16, 2005

    Here he is boys and girls...

    The man behind the curtain...the one that has been keeping me pre-occupied and away from's all his fault...with a face like that, how can you blame me?

    Sunday, September 25, 2005's mine....and I like it...

    Today the Bose sound dock taunted me for the last time...

    Monday, September 19, 2005

    In Honor of 'Talk Like a Pirate Day'

    Which co-worker Jason and I are fully participating in btw...

    My pirate name is:

    Dirty Jenny Bonney

    You're the pirate everyone else wants to throw in the ocean -- not to get rid of you, you understand; just to get rid of the smell. You can be a little bit unpredictable, but a pirate's life is far from full of certainties, so that fits in pretty well. Arr!

    Get your own pirate name from

    Friday, September 16, 2005

    An Accident...

    Last night I got hit by a van...or I hit a van, which ever way you would like to put it. It could have been much worst then it actually was and I'm counting my blessings that I was not moving 3 seconds ahead in time. Here's the story...6:15 pm - head down stairs, put my roller blades on, gear up and begin my skate to the lake. I was suppose to meet John at 6:45 up north and then some Co-workers. 6:17 pm - I skate succesfully through the only busy intersection that I have to skate through on the way to the lake, 6:18 pm - I see a White van coming down division and about to turn left into an alley, the alley I'm about to cross, he can't see me b/c of some vans and trucks parked on the street, and he doesn't slow down or stop to see if there are pedestrians coming...although I can see him it's far to late at this point and I slam on my breaks but there is little to no time. I slammed into the side of the van at full force, taking the main blow on my left side. I tried to turn to get away and around it but there just wasn't room. 2 guys who I had seen walking toward me prior to the van pulling in between us ran over to me to help...the guy driving got out for like 2 seconds before speeding away. Emotionally it was more disturbing then physically, knowing that had he waiting 3 more seconds to turn or had I been moving 3 seconds sooner I would have ended up in front of the van and not on the side of it, and realizing that things would have been much worst had that happened. I am able to laugh...a little... at the story I'm sure it will become a lot funnier as time my knee heals and as I can walk a lot easier. I didn't want this to be a depressing post but it has turned into that! Just picture me slamming full speed into the side of a van, realizing full well I'm fine...pretty funny huh???

    Thursday, September 15, 2005

    Always...but this time, not like Walmart...

    One great thing about living and working in a bustling metropolis like this wonderful city of Chicago, is that on quite a regular basis we get free stuff thrown at us left and right while walking down the street. Just in the past few months I have been given some totally cool stuff like the Sharpie 'retractable' marker, a monitor cleaner from Comed, one of those climbing clips/key chain things from Office Max, more then 2 or 3 candy bars with those mini M&M's in them, Edy's Dib's ice cream, Wrigley's sour apple gum, and oh and how can I forget one of my favorites, the light up shamrock that Southwest gave out on St. Patties day?...the list goes on and on...and like I said, these are only the things I can remember in the last couple of was extra special though...and perhaps the most amusing.

    If you haven't been around downtown when people are giving stuff away, let me explain these scene...usually there are 1 or 2 people working a busy corner during either the time everyone is hurrying to get into the office or at lunch time. People can smell free it out from blocks away and will literally stop traffic to get across the street so they don't miss out causing mass confusion and chaos to obtain their free piece of Wrigelys Gum. It's ridiculous yet Jason ( my aussie friend from work) and I have been known to circle the block multiple times to see what all we can acquire and if we will be caught double dipping.

    Today as Jason and I went for our usual daily Dunkin Donuts coffee run we spotted them right outside our building...people were swarming and of course Jason and I immediately got excited 'FREE STUFF!'...soo we b-line for them...only as we get closer I see men who approach with faces like kids at Christmas time soon are turning away with looks of horror and disgust...Jason reaches out his hand only to retract it about as quickly as he stuck it scatter across the street with their heads down...i giggle in glee...cause I just got a free candy bar that said 'Have a Happy Period! always'

    Monday, September 12, 2005

    The Natives Are Getting Restless

    So I'm getting a lot of flack for not posting lately. For the 5 people that do check in occasionally what can I say, it's summer, I have writers block, I've just completely lost all creativity? Pick any of the above, those are my excuses.

    The summer has been short, as it always is here, but as fall is in the air I get excited...excited to be lazy on a cool fall afternoon, to watch Bears games on Sunday, to wear sweatshirt's, to eat chili, to go for walks and hear the rustling of leaves, to carve hot summer days, tank tops, flip flops, beach days, and cubs games drift to a distant memory I can't be sad for long.

    As I sit here now and try to figure out something witty and humorous to write I am stumped. Maybe I have lost all creative writing skills. Maybe I'm no longer suppose to share all my embarrassing and crazy thoughts on the www? Who knows. Maybe I've just grown into an extremely boring person. The only thing I can think of right now is that I am incredibly blessed. I have had a spectacular summer, shared with great friends and family, in a new job that has been amazingly good to me, and a new home which I would not trade for anything right now. The Cubs on the other hand...they could have been a little kinder this summer...but in the tradition...dare I say it to early?...there is always next year...

    Am I Done-zo?

    Sunday, September 04, 2005

    The BEST Cubs game EVER!

    So WJ guilted me into this post...last week Steve, Wendy, and I headed to Wrigley for yet another historic game...this year has been a year of historic game for us...earlier there was the game vs Boston where Maddux hit the home run...last Sunday they retired Ryne Sandberg's jersey. As a life long Cubs fan, Ryno, along with Jodi Davis, were probably a couple of the first actual Chicago Cubs I can remember. The game started with trumpets and ended with cheers as the Cubs actually brought their bats to the plate and played a great game.

    Wendy J, you may say I'm not a really fan...but I didn't hear you singing...
    ... Go Cubs go, go Cubs go, hey Chicago what do you say?
    The Cubs are gonna win today...Go Cubs go, go Cubs go, hey Chicago what do you say?
    The Cubs are gonna win today....

    Wednesday, August 31, 2005

    Man I have been boring lately....

    So due to some recent developments, people snooping around my blog I decided to dig into the archives and see what kind of dirty laundry I have posted over the past year and a half. I have been quite amused at some of the things that I have posted, dreams, stories, emotional outbursts. The last few months however, I have been boring...really boring. In fact, I should rename the blog something boring and uncreative. 'Don't read me: Complete Waste of Internet Space' besides a crap load of pictures and some embarrassing moments,I really have got nothing. To those that check in occasionally...and you do cause I'm over 5000 on the hit counter...sorry.

    Saturday, August 27, 2005

    20's Anniversary Party

    The 20's, 6th Anniversary Party was last weekend. It is hard to believe that out of 50+ people there, after just 4 short years I am one of the ones that have been around the longest. I was honored to be asked to give a short (impromptu) testimony on what 20's has meant to me. Below are a couple of the pictures from the party...Dawn and I in the first one and Me, Melissa, and Heidi in the last picture.

    Thursday, August 11, 2005

    Angie and I

    Monday, August 08, 2005

    Being a tourist...

    This weekend I enjoyed being a tourist with Angie and John. Here are some of my pictures ...

    Friday, August 05, 2005

    The VideoShmideo

    It's a sad day in the hood folks. Video Shmideo is moving. They closed their doors for business this week and although I had never frequented the store, I always thought it was fun to point it out. I mean who doesn't like a store called Video Shimdeo. Maybe it's the bright green eaves, maybe it's the rhyming name, maybe it's the neon sign that says '3 Adult Movies for 24.99' in the window. Whatever it is, it makes me giggle like a school girl and point it out to everyone that comes to visit. So long Video Shmideo, although I know you aren't moving far, you will no longer be a staple on my morning commute.

    Friday, July 08, 2005

    Lessons in humbleness hurt...

    So I was blading the other night down a very busy part of the lake front, right where all the beach volley ball leagues play...while I was cruising along I spot a friend of a friend...he happened to be a friend of a friend who I thought I may have had future relationship possibilities but I was mistaken...anyhow I thought it would be interesting to have a quick chat. After a quick enjoyable conversation, I decide to skate away calm, cool, and collectively...but mainly I get about 30 feet away, everyone on the lake front decides to cross the path right in front of me at exactly the same time...there is clearly no where to go...a traffic jam to say the least...I slam on my breaks, but it is no use, it's to late...the damage is done. I wipe out, almost dragging another roller blader down with me. Of course that clears the path...everyone stares at one offers to help...I jump up and skate away...thigh and ego's a toss up which one is hurt worse...

    Tuesday, July 05, 2005

    jumping in puddles is fun...most of the time...

    So I was leaving a 4th of July gathering yesterday evening that was being held in doors at a friends place due to the rain, in a part of town that I wouldn't hang around in after I exited the party, my friend John happened to be on the phone by a HUGE puddle...thinking it would be A)fun to jump in the puddle AND B) fun to get him wet...I proceed to leap into the puddle with quite a force...just as I look up laughing my eyes meet a very unpleasant site....a rather large African American woman and her male friend happened to be sitting in a SUV right next to the puddle with her door and window cracked this point there is not much I can do...I try as best as I can to wipe the smirk off my face to apologize...knowing full well that she could really not have gotten but a few drops...but as I said I was sorry...I just got 4 beady eyes and blank faces back at me...seeing that it was quite possible that I have now put myself, and this time my friends, in life threatening situations twice in a week...I cleared the smirk...walked over to the car and apologized for my inappropriate puddle jumping...hoping that this may trigger some sort of facial movement other then the death stare I was currently getting...apparently my apology was not accepted, from her at least...her man friend said it was okay...however I'm pretty sure from the look on her was most definitely not okay.

    Monday, July 04, 2005

    Happy 4th of July!

    4th of July with some girlfriends

    Friday, July 01, 2005

    Deep down...Everyone Wants to be the Little Mermaid...

    A friend sent me this picture from the Pride Parade last weekend.

    Thursday, June 23, 2005

    How to get your @$$ kicked on the bike trail...

    So I have found my new new piece of way to get away from it all...Roller blading on the lake front has become my favorite things to do on warm Chicago evenings. The lake front is literally a couple of blocks away and there is no problems that I have that after a few miles on that lake front with my blades and my ipod, can't be forgotten about. friendships...everything vanishes, or gives me a really good hour to think about stuff without anybody calling me or nagging me or's an hour or an hour and a half of me time and I enjoy every minute of it (most of the time...except when its like 100 degrees and the wind is blowing a 100 mph towards me...then some times I slightly dislike it). Anyhow, Saturday I was on my way back from my 10 mile blade...and it came to a narrow part of the trail when I hear 'On your left' from someone behind me...i hear it but there is little I can do as there are people coming towards me and I feel like I'm as far as I can get to the right as possible...then i hear it again this time in a harsher tone 'ON YOUR LEFT' and i see 2 beady eyes on a rather large woman glaring at me...the red headed temper flares and I can feel myself get angry...there is little I can do at this point as she is on a bike and faster the me...I mutter, what I think is under my breath...the word..*ITCH (censored here for younger viewers)...little did I know that the man that passed me right after she did was with her and happened to hear my little comment...once he past he proceeded to tell her that I called her a *itch at which point she apparently found that she did indeed have breaks on her bike...turns around and mutters something in my which point i was very glad I had my sunglasses on b/c I know my eyes had to have the fear of God in them. That is the first and last time I let that slip on the trails...

    Thursday, June 16, 2005

    Top 10 Reasons To Work From Home Every Once In A While

    1. 5 steps to the office
    2. Naps
    3. An office with a view
    4. Working in my PJ's
    5. Oprah
    6. Listening to whatever I want...really loud
    7. Facial Hair Removal Cream any time of the day
    8. Speaker Phone
    9. Rollar Blading on my lunch hour
    10. Naked Conference Calls

    Sunday, June 12, 2005

    The Naked Parade!

    Tonight seemed like any other beautiful night in the city as Steve, Wendy, Ronnie and I finished up dinner around 11 and exited the restaurant. We were about 15 paces from Michigan Avenue when all the sudden Steve Jones screams...IT'S THE NAKED PARADE!..and runs the 15 paces to the corner...slightly confused and curious, Wendy and I follow. It was at this point time slowed down...and 300+ naked bike riders pedal southbound on the Magnificent Mile in nothing but their sneakers & helmets and just as fast as came...the naked bike riders were gone...and some how I feel like I will never be the same.

    The Naked Bike Parade.

    Blues Fest - Buddy Guy

    Roof top fun

    Cubs/Red Sox games 2005

    Chicago vs Boston - June 10, 2005

    Seth, Steve Jones says to watch your back.

    Wednesday, June 08, 2005

    pictures don't even do it justice.

    Awesome sunset tonight!

    Sunday, June 05, 2005

    Here are a couple of the girls in my small group, we participated in the 20s Ultimate Frisbee Tourney was intense. Yes, I got new sunglasses, my other ones sadly broke. Thanks Kim, Andrew, Jen, Josh, Alina, and Amanda for their endless input into the new shades. I'm also sporting my new Brazil t-shirt, to support my team in South America.

    Friday, June 03, 2005

    I have been quiet lately...

    I have been quietly lately...not just blogging, but in general. I've thought of things to blog, but I've been busy at work, and when I sit down to blog it all just seems so trivial. I've had a new male interest come in and out of my life in the last month and a half, which I really never try to blog about, and maybe he is the reason for the silence...b/c it's him that I'm thinking about yet I really don't feel like sharing that in front of God and everyone on the world wide web. It is apparent that it's not going to work out, for one reason or another he's not that into me...don't worry I'm not really having a pitty party over her...I will admit to curiosity as to just what it is since when we are together we really seem to have a great time...seems like bailing or taking the easier path, such as never calling or pretending that nothing actually ever happened, is the common denominator in most of my relationships anyway. I always find it more painful on the ego then the heart. My life is great, my job is tough but I'm good at it and my company knows it, I've got a great a family, great friends, a great church, a great condo in a city I love...but I can not master this relationship thing and perhaps that's what pisses me off more then anything. I am not an ugly girl, I'm not a social retard...I'm young, funny, and successful...not to mention humble, girl who has absolutely zero luck when it comes to men. The ones that really dig me, I'm never really interested in, and the ones that half ass it, are the ones I want to really work out and always fizzle...

    She's sun and rain, she's fire and ice
    A little crazy but it's nice
    And when she gets mad, you best leave her alone
    'Cause she'll rage just like a river
    Then she'll beg you to forgive her
    She's every woman that I've ever known.

    She's so New York and then L.A.
    And every town along the way
    She's every place that I've never been
    She's makin love on rainy nights
    She's a stroll through Christmas lights
    And she's everything I want to do again.

    It needs no explanation
    'Cause it all makes perfect sense
    For when it comes down to temptation
    She's on both sides of the fence.

    She's anything but typical
    She's so unpredictable
    Oh but even at her worst she ain't that bad
    She's as real as real can be
    And she's every fantasy
    Lord she's every lover that I've ever had
    And she's every lover that I've never had

    -Garth Brooks

    Horses in the Night

    So I have discovered one of my favorite new sounds. About 11 pm every night if I have my windows open I can hear horses clomping down the streets. Last night, was a rainy dreary night and as I sat in the dim room at my computer, listening to the rain, which is one of my other favorite sounds, I began to hear the sounds of the horse and carriage returning from a night down town. In the usually busy city, full of sirens, honking, and just general business, it seems like the peaceful sounds of the hoofs of the horses hitting the pavement always makes me stop what I'm doing and peek out the window. The rare site of the horse and carriage always makes me cool is that?

    Wednesday, May 25, 2005

    How far are you?
    How close am I?
    I know your words are true
    And I don't feel them inside
    Still I believe
    You'll never leave
    So where are you now?

    You're all I have
    You're all I know
    You're breath is breathing in my soul
    Still I am gasping, aching, asking
    Where are you now?

    Cause I just want to be with you
    Just want this waiting to be over
    I just want to be with you
    And it helps to know the day is getting closer

    Every minute takes an hour
    Every inch feels like a mile
    Till I won't have to imagine
    And I finally get to see you smile

    My journey's here, but my heart is there
    So I dream of ways to keep the faith while you prepare our destiny
    Until you come back for me, oh please make it soon

    -Smile,Chris Rice

    I had this in my head while rollar blading the lake front tonight. The words felt real to was one of those days that comes around that I feel like I really might be having a quarter life crisis.

    Monday, May 23, 2005

    A friend, the city, and a warm Sunday afternoon... Posted by Hello

    Bose's watching me...silently whispering my name...

    So I have wanted nice speakers for my iPod for quite a while but with my new purchases lately I have not taken the plung...I didn't know what I would get even if I was ready to buy...but the Bose SoundDock has been taunting me for weeks the subway, on billboards, in the Skyway magazine in the airplane...I want it...but at $299, can I really justify it? After all, its almost as much as I paid for the thing, and how long will it be before I'm on to the newest iPod that no longer works with the Bose's such a tease though.

    Monday, May 16, 2005

    More Pictures...

    Here are more pictures from Emily's wedding...I didn't have time to edit any of them.

    Sunday, May 15, 2005

    The bride Posted by Hello

    The setting... Posted by Hello

    Simple Posted by Hello

    And the rains came tumbling down... Posted by Hello

    Bubble Blowing...better the bubble eating.. Posted by Hello

    Lina and I Posted by Hello

    All the Girls Posted by Hello

    Gin, Josh, Andrew, Andy, Lina, Kimbo Posted by Hello

    The 2 Em's Posted by Hello