Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Goodbye 2005...

It started with 3 months in a new job and three months in New Jersey...and it ends with a new condo and a some guy hanging around quite a lot...

Another year of firsts...
First time Home Owner
First time at a boyfriends ex-girlfriends wedding
First Bulls Game
First Big 10 football game
First time leading a small group
First major job change
First attorney
First missions trip
First flea bites
First time eating Grass Hoppers
First boyfriend SVT approved of
First time in Chicago for the 4th
First Red Eye Flight
First supervisor position
Furthest away from home - Oaxaca, Mexico
First time to Texas
First time to Iowa
First time to Maryland
First time to New Jersey
First time drinking Oaxacan Coffee (best coffee ever)

Best Trip of 2005 - Missions trip to Oaxaca, Mexico

Best Purchase of 2005 - My Condo

Best Concert of 2005 - Brooks and Dunn/Big and Rich

Best Movie of 2005 - Harry Potter

Favorite TV Show of 2005 - Amazing Race

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Christmas Tour 2005 - Greetings from Ludington

John and I have left the comfort of Chicago and our crazy jobs to spend a week trampsing around the midwest visiting friends and family. It started out Saturday morning heading to Toledo...(yes 'Holy Toledo, go ahead and say it everyone else does) to meet all of 'the fellas' for the annual Christmas party. It was great to finally meet these guys that John talks so much about...after being drilled by one of them in a most interesting fashion, winning a Napoleon Dynamite pen, and very little sleep, we headed north to Ludington, MI where John's parents live (stopping on the way to meet TJ, John's brother for linner). In Hallmark commercial fashion, we showed up at the Church where John's mom was performing with her bell choir on Sunday night around 7:45 just to see the last 2 numbers. And it is here, where we have been hiding out for the past 2 days. It has been most relaxing and enjoyable. I joined in for the bell choir practice tonight (bit rusty after almost 8 years), met the 15 year old gold fish, saw for the first time black squirrels, and have received doggy eye daggers from Bud the dog...he's jealous what can I say. So that's where I have been and where I will remain until Thursday when we head back to the city to pick up some Christmas gifts before heading back to Dad and Momrich's.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Clean Freak

I went to my first Bulls game last week...and although it was a ton of fun...I found that one of my favorite parts was when the guy came out with the Swiffer and cleaned the floors during the cool is that?? How do you get that job?? Swiffing the Bulls floor. Sweat! Then I started to think that I may have an obsession....not just with the Swiffer, as most of you know I do hit me that one of my highlights of Baseball games is when the ump steps up and sweeps off the plate with his little pocket was that point that I realized I may have an illness.