Thursday, September 30, 2004

Why I Can't Be President...

It's not that I'm a female...its's not because I'm's not because I know nothing about's because I could not last 5 minutes in a presidential debate...I'd probably jump over my podium and strangle my opposition....ugh...i don't that I've ever watched one in the past but I'm already annoyed...I don't really know who I'm going to vote for so I sat down this evening hoping that the debate may help me decide who I was going to vote far Kerry's big cheesy Crest White grin when saying 'where do I start' in the things Bush has done wrong...Bush stumbling with words...pointing fingers at each other...having to wait your turn to talk back...holding your tongue when the other candidate is talking for their 2 minutes...grrr...John Kerry is talking to the proctor...why isn't he talking to the America...ugh...Kerry and that cheesy a shady car sales man (no offense to my car sales men friends)...I don't know if I will last the 90 minutes...

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Thursday, September 23, 2004


Spiritually stagnant is probably what I would call my walk right now. Lots of motions...not lots of emotion...this week has been different. Sunday night I went to the Gathering, the evening service at the jones church in Cincinnati...with about the first 3 cords of 'you alone', i was filled with the presence of God that I hadn't had in a long time...i didn't see it coming and i was emotionally overcome...the kind of tears that start flowing and you don't know why and you really don't care b/c it feels good, and you can breath a sigh of relief b/c of it...because he is there, and thats all that matters...sdj, the spirit was moving sunday night...

This week I made a worship play list and have been listening to all week...and when i was running this week, 'you alone' came on and i just wanted to close my eyes and twirl in circles and sing 'I'm alive, i'm alive, i'm alive, i'm alive' over and over...b/c he alone IS father, and he alone IS good, and he alone IS savior, and he alone IS can that get stagnant?

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

The dirty secrets of the BIG company that has me feeling BLUE

We have been getting "new" laptops at work...that come with only USB ports and do not accomidate our PS2 mice. My favorite company in the world won't replace the individuals have been pulling together to buy $7 connectors (cause they get cheaper if we can get more people to purchase) so we can each have a working mouse...which we must pay for of now, these are not reimbursable.
*Big cheap company name withheld for job security reasons

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Chaos Day festivites were held today. Once a year 20Somethings gets togeter for a little competitive sport. I'm sad to say that the green team lost our 2 year winning if i can just get this pint out of my head before I go dancing... Posted by Hello

Friday, September 10, 2004

love it

I had to post this...a guy from my church signed his e-mail

Living on a prayer...(Bon Jovi 3:16)

I thought it was hilarious.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

No Longer Shaping Lives and Changing Culture

my Milligan College founders daughter speech no longer comes up when i'm googled...i'm am relieved i no longer am held to my plan of shaping lives and changing culture, the vision for all Milligan Grads...

What's going on?

There has been some strange things happening to me the past couple of days...on 2 different occasions I've seen men in Lincoln Park and Wrigleyville dressed in a long black capes...not like sissy capes heavy, long gothish capes...I was 2 inches to the right from having a full beer dropped on my head off the upper deck at Wrigley on an already chilly night (everyone thought it was concrete falling it was so loud it seriously sounded more like a brick then a full beer)...I got a full body bear hug from a drunk guy on the street at 11:30 pm last night and he really didn't want to let go....i'm getting a sty on my eye which I haven't had in like 10 years...houston just won like 10 in a row and the Cubs lost yet again to montreal...I'm not sure if there is a full moon tonight but i'm guessing its very possible.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

The Wrath of the Red Head

For those who know me, perhaps lived with me...know that I am NOT a morning person. Although I'm not proud of it, my roommates in college would not even wake me up for Saturday brunch, my family would fight over who had to get me up....for those who have seen Bruce Almighty with Jim Carey, there is a scene where he's in bed and his alarm clock goes off..and he flops around in his bed, kicking all over the place b/c he doesn't want to get up...its very funny...but maybe only b/c that is how I feel every morning.
So I have this neighbor that lives in the next condo over. His alarm clock goes off and off and off for over an hour...this has happened for months now...not ever morning but I would say 2 or 3 out of 5...AT 5:45...all along I figured he travels for work and forgets to turn his alarm off, so when it goes off and no one is there to shut it i have been giving him the benefit of doubt...UNTIL this I lay in bed at 5:55...mumbling obscenities under my breath...i listen..there is a pause for a few minutes and it goes off again...for 20 more minutes...a pause....and again for 20 more minutes....HE'S NOT OUT OF TOWN...HE'S IN THERE, HITTING THE SNOOZE BUTTON...HE'S JUST LAZY....this is the last 6:30 I dart out of bed scribble a note (turned out to be a whole page...not sure what all I said...) and hung it on his time...I'm busting the door down...the wrath of the red head can not be tamed much longer...IT'S WAR!
Oh and I'm pretty sure when Jesus said that whole thing about "Love thy neighbor" they didn't have alarm clocks so I think I can get off on a technicality.