Friday, August 27, 2004

the hint he wouldn't take...

he called...he e-mailed...he called again...he e-mailed...he called one more time...can't blame a guy for trying i guess...but trying and trying and trying? I finally had to lay it on the line. He claimed he wasn't looking to jump into a relationship right away...yeah but I didn't want a relationship period...
A friend gave me the 'rejection hotline' number to use in future situations...i don't think I could ever do it but it's hilarious. The Chicago number is 773-509-5027 but to find a number near you try...... The Rejection Hotline

Monday, August 23, 2004

TV's and Tap Shoes

My parents came up to spend the weekend this weekend. They brought up some furniture I bought last weekend, a shelf and a TV stand. Which also gave me no excuse to postpone the purchasing of a TV which I had been doing for about 6 months. So I sucked it up, I picked one, and I am now am the proud owner of a 29 inch Toshiba flat screen....a far cry from my 19 inch tube TV. Its a whole new word.

I also made another purchase this weekend...tap shoes! I have wanted tap shoes for about a year but figured if I bought them i would never wear them. Well...I happened to find a almost brand new pair at a resale shop down the street for 5 bucks...and they were my size. I'm very excited and the instructional video is in the mail. I'm sure the neighbors will love me but hey, I live next door to the 'piano man' so I'm not to concerned. Yeah!

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Ego Protector or Mean?

So Friday lunch date called me today. Although he's a nice guy and we had a good lunch, it was indifference continues. So we chat...although we both know where this is going. So he says he knows I'm busy this week but maybe we can hang out again some time, maybe a weekend...obviously trying to dodge another lunch date. So I said yeah...this weeks not good...he said, okay just give him a call. Sure...but probably not.

QUESTION: Am I doing him any favors, by not spelling it out for him...or should I lay it on the line? I kinda feel like I'm protecting his ego by avoiding that conversation, am I kidding myself? Is it better I not call and let him get the hint...or is that mean and it would be better if I paint the picture? Insight requested.

Monday, August 16, 2004


"I was trying to find stuff to talk about today, it was a
slow news day, so I found this. On this day in 1492,
Columbus set sail from Europe, looking for a sea route to
India - and ended up in America. And ironically, if you
make a call from Europe to a company in America today -
it's re-routed to India." --Jay Leno

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Lunch Dates & Swingers

what a day...what a week really. One of those weeks that you don't even know what you did all week. Work has been crazy but on top of that my recent increase in encounters with the male species has been a bit of a suprise. Tuesday, guy number 2 from 2 posts ago, called...the one I met in the piano bar. I gave him my cliche, I know...but he asked for my number and rather then give him my personal 411 it only has my work number, and what were the chances that he would actually call? Well apparently pretty good because we went out to lunch today. He's a nice guy and we do have things in common so it went alright. Wasn't really feeling anything there besides a friendship but considering the drought, beggers can't be choosers right? Note to any single male listeners...when you ask a girl out..its your responsibility to plan the goings on. Ask her if she has some where that she would like to go, if not, be a man, suck it up, and pick some where. Take the reigns, show her that you can make a decision, make it look like at least some thought went into it...

Swingers....well one 'Swinger' in particular...referring to the guy number 1 from 2 and 3 posts back. So I gave up on him...there is something about him and other girls feel the same way...there is something about his eyes...they are beautiful and there is something about dancing with him that makes you feel like...well I can't put my finger on it but what ever it is, most guys will never have. But the problem is that 3 posts ago, I gave up on him. I don't fight girls for men...its not going to happen, its not my thing, and if there is any fighting being done, it should be over me. So my attitude has changed toward him...from one of googly eyed to one of 'whatever' I backed off... lost interest....I was not defeated by these other girls, I just wasn't going to be one of 'those' girls...and then tonight, the tables turned a bit....without me even trying...he paid more attention to me tonight then he had in weeks...or ever for that matter. I don't think 'playing hard to get' works in most situations but apparently it worked tonight without me even knowing it...whatever it is...I'm not complaining...b/c as i see it...interest or not..that boy can dance.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Why I will be single forever...

So every time my Aunt sees me she tells me how wonderful her neighbor is and how she would love to set the 2 of us up. For months and months I have been hearing about Paul...Paul this, and Paul that...Pauls a cop, Pauls so good looking, Paul cooks, on and on and on and on...tonight she gets online..."Hey Coey (dont ask, thats her nickname for me)took your senior picture outside tonight to show my cop friend" MY SENIOR PICTURE being the key phrase there...7 YEARS AGO! 7...that was 1997, actually 96 when I actually got the pictures taken...i had bangs...i had bad taste in clothing...i don't even think i wore make-up...the only people that like their senior pictures are those that still think high school was the best 4 years of their entire life...embarrassed doesn't even really cover it.

2 notes of interest...

Guy from last post called about 10 minutes before I was to walk out the door on Saturday night to go out...why is it when you give are lured back in?

Note of interest number 2, a guy asked for my number Saturday night...and although I'm not convinced we would be a stellar was nice to be asked.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

I guess I was wrong...

About a month ago, some of you know, i thought i found my husband...i think i was wrong. he wasn't really my 'type' but he was VERY good looking and a great dancer, and for those 2 reasons alone, i thought we had was apparent tonight that several other girls had the same gut feeling...and though I still think he's beautiful..its the eyes...i feel its not worth the battle...and if its not worth the battle...he must not be the one...

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

ipod...the sound track of life...

My new best friend...comes with me everywhere...on the train, on the walk to work, on my lunch break, at the office, basically everywhere I go. My favorite moments with the ipod are those when a song comes on that is perfect for the current situation. Some of the best moments...'Independent Woman' as I step on the elevator and through the office doors...'Footloose' as I step off the elevator heading home ("8 Hours? For What?")...a good ole Frank Sanatra tune as I walk around downtown...'It's a Beautiful Day' on the way to the lake front on a hot summer day...its moments like these that I can't even remember what life was without the ipod...but who would want to?

Sunday, August 01, 2004

It's raining concrete...

No concrete fell at Wrigley on Friday. Although tons of people were wearing hard hats mocking the situation which I found very funny. I tried to find a picture to post but I was unsuccessful.
The nets that were put up were not a big deal. Pretty much just over the heads of those in the sky wouldn't have even noticed if it wasn't for the ruckus.