Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Homrich's discover Photo Booth

These were to funny not to post...if you know my parents, all the more hilarious.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Who is this man?

Last night we were doing what we normally do at 6:15 on a Sunday night, sitting in church, in our normal seats about mid way down the auditorium, listening to the sermon. You ask why after all these months, of not posting, why I would post about our typical Sunday night. Oh but friends, it was no typical Sunday night. Around 6:15, which is mid way through the church service, a man enters. Not just any man. Bono. Yes, you heard me correctly…Bono…U2, Bono…entered the church. As he passed our row, I sarcastically said to John…that guy thinks he’s Bon... but before the phrase came out of my mouth, my jaw dropped as I saw everyone in our area of the auditorium do the exact same thing..stare. There was a quiet murmur throughout the back half of the church as people silently mouthed to their neighbor…’Is that Bono???’. I watched in amazement. I was curious. I looked at people’s faces as the stared, shared puzzled looks, peeked around those in front of them to get a glimpse.

He sat 4 rows directly in front of us. He listened, he worshiped, he prayed, he distracted all those that sat around him. The red glasses, the jacket, the earrings, the pinky ring, the hair, the rough face. As everyone tried unsuccessfully to focus back on the sermon, my mind raced. Would our reaction to Jesus himself entering the church evoke the same reaction? Would we stop and gawk, without asking who he really was? Would our hearts pound and murmurs of excitement surround us? Would I know it was Jesus?

It has not been confirmed if the man that ‘snuck’ into the church service last night was actually ‘Bono’. There has been mixed reports, and I have to admit that I really have no idea. If I had to guess, it was most likely NOT him but was definitely someone wanting to be him. After the service he went directly to the elders before leaving about 15 minutes later, no entourage, no security, no hoopla...and as quick as he came, he was gone.