Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Hours from being a home owner...

In 2 hours i will sit down at a table with my attorney, my realtor, and a fat check, and become a home owner for the first time. I have been told several times this week that I am about to be come a 'grown up'...I guess b/c now if something breaks I have to fix it? I'm not really sure. As I take a second to reflect on exactly what I'm about to do, and what all it has taken me to get here, It is hard to comprehend that I have only been out of Milligan for 4 years. I can remember sitting in Williams 104 dreaming of living in this city...having serious doubts if I would have the balls to pull it off...but knowing it is the place I really wanted to be. I remember a couple years ago visiting someone in this building I'm about to move into and think...wow, this place is awesome I would love it here but I could never afford this. Over the past few weeks I have been stressed, I have not slept, I have not ate, my eye has twitched for 3 days....maybe a Quarter Life Crisis...or maybe it is just part of "growing up"...either way I have been blessed.

Kerry Wood...

Kerry Wood pitched a great game Sunday afternoon...then sat next to a friend of mine at the evening service at my church.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Ashton...I would have not guessed...

I totally have a thing for Ashton Kutcher...maybe it was seeing him on Oprah...maybe its that funny tounge thing he does...maybe it was the dream, I'm not sure. I really am not a big celeberty follower, I don't really have favorite actors and I didn't really think he was my type....until now...I even stayed up late to watch him on Jay Leno. I thought I would have picked the Brad Pitt type or something...but not the Ashton type...but geesh I was wrong.
I saw the previews for his new movie when I saw Fever Pitch and it looked really good...but he was talking about it tonight and the thought of watching 2 people dance around their feelings for each other over a 7 year stretch sounds exhausting, not sure it's worth the 10 bucks, but I would really like to see how it ends...

For right now...I'm going to go have sweet dreams of Ashton...watch out Demi.

It's good to know that the traditions continue...

This story put a smile on my face....different students, differant Buffy...same prank...I love it....

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Survey Says?

Post Yeah or Nay for the new shades? Posted by Hello

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Oh I wish I was an Oscar Myer Wiener...

The only way to go... Posted by Hello

Check out the article, if you need a quick smile...

2 Good Things

Tonight a friend and I went and saw Fever Pitch. Baseball and a romantic comedy...how great is that? The only way it could have been better is if it was about the Cubs winning the World Series but hey, I feel like Boston fans share a common bond with us so I'm okay with it...well, we use to at least. Coming out of college, if there was one other place I wanted to live, it was Boston. I had been there once and had really liked the feel of the city...after seeing that movie I think I could even be a Boston Fan. It's not a whole lot different from being a Cubs fan...again, before last October. It made me even more excited for June 10th when Boston makes an appearance at Wrigley. I already feel like it's not about who wins or loses that game...not that I won't be pulling for the Cubs...there's more to it then that, the movie just got me really excited to have tickets...

The movie did bring out a small serge of insecurity in me though...in the flick, Jimmy Fallon plays a crazed fan and everything in his house has something to do with the Red Sox...this came off as very funny to everyone in the theater...but I have started accumulating a lot of Wrigley Field/Cubs pieces...just this afternoon I was framing some historical pictures of Wrigley I got...I want to be tasteful but not tacky...but the Cubs door mat that my dad bought me for my Birthday may pushed that over the edge...

Saturday, April 16, 2005

The End of an Era...

As I sit on my couch amongst boxes of cherished belongings...I begin to hear sawing not to far away...I get up and peek out the window and see that the landscaping guy aka the guy that lives next door..aka the president of the condo board...is cutting down the only living thing in the court yard. There is one medium size tree housed in the courtyard that peeks up through the three levels of the building...in the city, where tree's are precious it's a pleasant site in the spring to see the green buds and in the fall its a colorful indicator of the long winter ahead...and here he is...just when the first green leaves have started to appear...cutting down the only living thing in the complex...a rush of sadness pours over me...the tree, that has been growing there, probably since the building was built...now dead. I'm no tree huger but it's an end of an era...and had I not been moving in 10 days it would be hard for me to sit here and watch...another sign it's time to move.

Last item that I found amusing....this is an old CTA card for public transportation I found. Posted by Hello

Milligan Steps up its campaign to get funding... Posted by Hello

another sentimental item...the flowers from Jen's wedding...will be trashed...a picture...one last memory... Posted by Hello

Moving has been a whirl wind...and a through out the process I'm trying to purge as much stuff as I can as to not clutter the new place with needless stuff...it's been tough...to tough...today the favorite pants..full of holes and falling a part...went in the trash... Posted by Hello

The gifts keep on coming...Tuesday I got a knock on my door and to my suprise it was a little gift from IBM...oddly enough it was a Voltage detector...needless to say I'll use it with caution. Posted by Hello

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Naria (updated)

So yesterday around 3 pm I was doing my laundry and as I got to the bottom of the stairs I saw a woman sitting there with a suitcase. I didn't say anything but passed her with my laundry basket. It continued throughout the evening...she sat, I passed. Julie Reeves came to visit with her boyfriend Davey and we went to dinner, came back at 10:30 pm and the woman was still sitting there. So I finally decided that I was going to go check on her to see if there was anything she needed, a phone, something to eat...anything. She told me she was waiting for her brother to come home from work and that she had flown in from Portugal and that there must have been some sort of misunderstanding but she was sure he was going to be home soon. She asked for a glass of water. I went up, grabbed her some water and some Wheat Thins and brought them back down to her. I asked her if she wanted to come up and sit in my apartment, as it was getting cold and she really looked exhausted. She said no, she didn't want to miss him. I told her we could leave a note for him but she refused. So I went back up, hung out with Julie for a couple of hours. Before bed, I decided I would run back down and check on my new friend. She was still there, she insisted there was nothing else I could do and that her brother would be home soon and if he wasn't then she was going to go get a Hotel at 2 am. Julie asked her if she was grumpy at her brother, she responded that she is trying to be patient, but she will kill him tomorrow. We both laughed. I asked her what apartment her brother lived in, she said the end unit on the 3rd floor....hmmmm, that was the unit across from me, and I know that a single woman moved in there last fall and before her, another girl lived there. I let it go, even though it made no sense, b/c earlier in the evening she had said that she had trouble with numbers (after all, English was not her first language). She did ask me one thing...she gave me an e-mail address and asked that I e-mail this person and ask them to pick her up. So I did, the following correspondence took place:

Hi, Naria is stranded here waiting for her brother and would like you to come get her at ....

I'm one of her brother's neighbors, trying to help her out.


The next day I got this Reply:

She is insane--- Her brother does not live in the US. Be very careful

**update** I replied back:

How odd. She was quite sure her brother lived in my building. Sat outside all day and half the night waiting for him but was gone this morning and never came back. Thank you for letting me know.

He replied:

I used to live in the building-- She was looking for me. I would be very careful.

15 days...

I had the realization that I move in 15 days....15!!! I haven't done anything yet! It's crazy! Needless to say I will be packing like a mad woman this week.


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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Some sort of Luck...

I missed the train from Indiana this morning. I was down there last night to get my hair cut and to see my parents, and oh yeah, to because it was my 26th Birthday. Something happens when you hit 26 I think...Birthdays lose something. I didn't even know when my birthday was this year. My mom said to me on Sunday she wanted me to come down for my b-day...at which point I had to stop and ask her when my birthday was...maybe it's because of the schedule I'm keeping...maybe it's because after 25...well, you're just getting old. I'm not sure. Anyhow...26 just wasn't exciting for me. In fact I wish it would have kinda just gone away.

Anyway, back to the train...I missed the train I was suppose to take and had to wait another 25 minutes for the next one. So I get on the train, find a seat...three across so I don't have to sit next to anyone, the guy in the inside was sleeping...great. So I slip in, put some Ben Harper tunes on and chill with my double d coffee. We come to the last stop before hitting Chicago and I glance around the train to see what sort of seatage remains open, to see if I'm going to get away with the empty buffer seat. There are a lot of seats open so I think I'm clear...when 'He' comes. He was probably 24ish and thick glasses from 1984, green jeans, white socks, black shoes...and a Napoleon Dynamite look alike, talker. I had head phones on...he didn't care, he asked what I was listening to... i got my laptop out...he ignored it...I don't know what I do to attract them. I'm not sure what it is that I do that makes every nerdy guy want to talk to me...on trains, on planes...in airports. It seems like a cruel joke. One day...just one day, I'm waiting to walk down that skinny plane isle to my window seat (cause I always have a window) and see a young, SINGLE, non nerdy guy, seated in the isle seat beside me. One day....

Monday, April 04, 2005

2 Hotties in the Hot tub...

and Porter... Posted by Hello

Take 1...Houston we have a problem...

Take 1...DOH! Posted by Hello

Houston and I at Angie's Birthday party...need a little red eye reduction but don't have time Posted by Hello

Take 2! Posted by Hello

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Houston...Friends, Food, and First Class

So my whirl wind weekend in Houston was a success. Angie picked me up at the airport on Friday. I hadn't seen her in almost 2 years, and even then, we've been friends for about 4 years and only seen each other 4 times, we joke that we are each other's best friends we never see. We stay in touch via the internet, God bless it. As she was driving toward the airport and I was standing outside she commented...'okay here I come...hope I remember what you look like'. Luckily she did. We had a really good time, the weather was great, I got to experience Houston and I loved hanging out with Angie and her husband John. It makes me sad they live so far away.

I also got to see another familiar face while I was there. Houston (also known as J-Fizzle on the air as I found out...and Jeremy Foster in real life) from Milligan. It was great to see him. We have kept in decent contact since he graduated 5 years ago but hadn't seen each other since then probably. But it was nice to sit back and relax in the warm (errr..mostly warm)Texas night and talk about old times...and current times... I really enjoyed myself.

Finally on my flight on the way home I got bumped to first class. The flight as only about 2 and a half hours but still...it was GREAT! The seats were so comfy and big and while the others were drinking dixie cups of pop and 4 pretzels each...I was drinking wine out of glass and eating beef off of glass plates...it was so sweet. I know to some, first class on the airplane may not seem like a big deal but for me there is something special about having warm nuts and a hot hand towel at 35,000 feet...

Pictures will follow tomorrow...(of my friends not the warm nuts and hot towels).