Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Port Harbor

Is anyone else ticked that Clay took Chrissy back? Come on people!


wendy said...

what? you're ticked? i'm happy! it's clay and chrissy!!! they HAD to get back together--and he gave her a taste of her own medicine.

Emily said...

Ugh...WENDY! you would like them back were a fan of LC on LB (not that i'm not a fan now on TH but it took some time).
Chrissy is such a goodie goodie, then she CHEATS on him and and realizes she still wants Clay...while leading Billy on..whatevs! She needs to get over the HS thing and move on.

wendy said...

i see your point...but he adores her!! she'll learn....and did you hear that your girl might be making an appearance on TH? NOOOOOo. tell me it isn't so. LC! LC! LC!