Saturday, March 15, 2008


While on our last cruise, there was a hypnotist comedian during one of the nightly shows. John was selected with 20 other people to be hypnotised. I was very skeptical and did not think that she would actually be able to hypnotise him. Boy was I wrong. After 5 short minutes my husband was complete lost in a trance and at the mercy of this woman. Two of the highlights for the night were when she told him to that there stage was full of nails that he must hammer down....with his butt and the second clip was when she told him he was the newest Cantonese rap star.

Sorry for the bad camera work on this one...I was laughing so the picture is shaky...

While this is all very funny now, I do have to admit it was a little creepy while I was watching him. He looked very distant and was very serious the whole time the show was going on. So while other people were doing very stupid things right in front of him (as he also did in front of them) everyone on stage was stone cold faced, no laughing no smiling.

To hypnotise the group, all she did was have them focus on her, then close their eyes and deeply relax. She did not really touch them or wave anything in front of their eyes. She simple talked them into it. So strange, neither of us ever thought he would go under! He told us that he was fully aware of everything going on, he knew where he was and what he was doing but he just could not really explain why he was doing it. Basically said he was doing it because she told him to.

The whole thing has been such an experience for both us and my parents. We've even been studying where hypnosis falls into Christianity. Surprisingly, very little is said in the Bible about it, but the general consensus is that under the right circumstances and used for others benefit it is not a sin to be hypnotised, but there is danger if you let the wrong person have control over you.

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