Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Walk by Faith

Yesterday was my 30th day between projects. I had the "30 day" talk with my HR a bit humbling. 10 months ago I would have never imagined this. At this point I have applied to over 45 internal roles and have had very few leads. Today I feel as if I have lost all direction and am am starting to realize 30 days went by way to fast. I am struggling with decisions to travel my life away and be employed or to take a leap of faith and hold on.

I decided to take a walk at lunch today even though it was overcast and looked a little chilly out. When I got downstairs I was regretting not taking a coat and figured I would just make this quick. After about 5 minutes I noticed the sun peaking through and the temperature warming up, maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all. I walked around for about 25 minutes listening to my ipod and turned down the street my office was on. The song 'Walk by Faith' came on by Jeremy camp, and I started listening to the lyrics..."Will I believe you when you say,
Your hand will guide my every way , Will I receive the words You say, Every moment of every day" seemed fitting. It's then when I notice the clouds rolling in over the lake and the fog engulfing some of the buildings, a chill was back in the air. It was metaphoric for me the fog clouds your vision, makes things impossible to see....but God saying the fog and clouds don't last forever, showing me a glimpse of whats on the other side a... crystal clear day. I hear the words of the song and know its true..."You've been so faithful for all my years, With the one breath, You make me new, Your grace covers all I do."

So back into the clouds I walked as I headed back to my desk... "Well I will walk by faith , Even when I cannot see , because this broken road, Prepares Your will for me, Help me to RID my endless fears...Hallelujah, I will walk by faith...."

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